CD Plus Cell Defence Aqua Mask

~Silky Refreshing Aqua Mask courtesy of CD Plus Cell Defence~

Why use CD Plus Cell Defence Aqua Mask?

CD Plus Cell Defence aqua mask - it's a unique mask, as it provides dry, sensitive and damaged skins with the hydrating, soothing and healing effects. 

Amino acid and polysaccharide complex have built natural moisturizing factors, which help to penetrate into the skin and provide essential moisture to the epidermis. 

This function helps to stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells and restore collagen. Hence, it can keep your skin soft, elastic and prevent wrinkles. 

How to use it?

Just apply the mask onto the face and neck. Then, leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Peel off the mask and rinse off with tap water. 

Active Ingredients:

Matricaria (Chamomille Recutita) Extract - It improves regeneration of skin tissues, reduces inflammation and encourages the wound healing.

Bisabolol - Acts as an anti-inflammation, antibacterial and antimycotic properties.  

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - Improves hydration, anti-inflammation, accelerating tissue repair and encouraging normal cell growth.

Maltodextrin - Soothing agent, anti-aging and reduces skin irritation.

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  • Model: CDAM
  • Manufacturer: CD Plus Cell Defence

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